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Three ways to access Coaches, Mentors and Experts

A coach is a professional who guides and supports individuals or teams to achieve specific goals. They may not have any experience in your industry. A mentor is an experienced advisor who provides guidance, support, and wisdom based on their own knowledge of your sector and their life experiences. An expert is a person with extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in a particular field or subject matter, who is recognized for their deep understanding and proficiency in that area.


We provide a digital experience that allows you to practice and apply skills through micro-learning. You'll receive automatic insights from leading experts on how to handle specific situations. Additionally, you'll have access to ChatGPT, which helps you understand how content from skilled experts with honed human abilities enables us to approach situations differently.


We offer live and virtual sessions with coaches, mentors and experts, facilitating opportunities to career navigate, unpack learning, problem-solve, and innovate collectively. You can engage in one-to-one sessions or group interactions with our experts, fostering networking and collaboration to enhance your skills and knowledge further.

Emerging Tech

We prioritize the protection of your intellectual property (IP) while accessing experts by utilizing NFT blockchain technology in high level session delivery. Additionally, we are excited to announce the recent launch of "Expertise through Mentor GPT," providing an even more comprehensive and enriching learning experience for our users.

Areas Where We Can Offer Support

Job Market Readiness Closing the Skills Gap
Empowered employees with up-to-date skills in the right areas from Industry experts deliver higher productivity and efficiency, leading to increased profitability and a competitive edge in the market.
Accelerating Innovation and Go To Market Pace with Experts
To survive and thrive in today's market faster innovation and efficient go-to-market strategies are impossible solely relying on your internal workforce. An external cloud of experts as a stretch team solves this dilemma.
Mentorship & Coaching to Improve Retention
Personalized mentorship says ‘I care about you’ and fosters loyalty and growth in your workforce. Improved retention rates reduce recruitment and training costs, enhances overall productivity and positively impacts the bottom line.

Unleashing the Potential of Women
Women in leadership positions improved profitability. Embracing diversity and gender equality in your business fosters a more inclusive and creative work environment, leading to enhanced collaboration and better decision-making, ultimately driving business success.
Improving Engagement through Community and Emerging Tech
A VIP learning opportunity community using emerging technologies like NFTS and GPT fosters curiosity, connection, collaboration and engagement . Build brand advocates and customer loyalty which benefits your business's bottom line.

An all-inclusive Upskilling Platform

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Past Expert Sessions

Join us every week and every few months for our live sessions, where we unpack various topics, giving you the opportunity to meet and learn directly from our experts.
Everything You Need to Know About ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a human-like AI chatbot. Given that it was trained on a vast amount of data, it is one of the most potent language processing models ever made and can respond in a number of ways, including in other languages.

The Hot Seat: Q&A Session with Communication Guide, Rhonda Bowen

Rhonda Bowen is a communication guide with over 30 years of experience. Founder of bells Communication across Cultures. Since 1988 she has brought insights and support to thousands of BEST professionals from 70 countries (business, engineering, science, and technology).

Are ESGs another CSR GIMMICK & the Implication for COP 2023

ESG investment, sometimes referred to as responsible investing, sustainable investing, socially responsible investing, or ethical investing, is a method of investing that goes beyond conventional financial research.

The Hot Seat: Strategies to Keep Your Top Talent with Maxcene & Dev

In today's competitive landscape, retaining top talent has become a critical challenge, and we believe it's time to explore innovative strategies and insights to address this vital issue

How to Career Navigate, Pivot and Re-Invent Oneself

Are you feeling stuck in your career or looking for a change? Whether you're looking to change industries, move up the ladder, or start your own business, this webinar will give you the tools and confidence you need to succeed.

The Hot Seat: Q&A Session with Cybersecurity Expert, Abdelmajed Saeed

Abdelmajed Saeed is a computer science graduate. He has over 24 years of experience in IT and information security, and he is passionate about creating new technology to boost productivity. He is also a skilled manager, mentor, and instructor for various cybersecurity courses.


Just like most things, a toxic work culture is double-ended - It has a cause and a solution. Are you in a toxic situation or are you the source of toxicity? Watch this talk show with Gurleen Baruah, Maxine Barnett MSc BA CPC and Cecilia Moudaber to help you figure it out!

The Hot Seat: Q&A Session with Executive and Career Coach, Maxine Barnett

Maxine Barnett is the Founder of Soft Skills Services. She is passionate about soft skills and its impact on one’s brand with a mission to help leaders at all levels develop and leverage their soft skills to attain business success.


Understand how Utility NFTs have held their head high even through the fall out in the NFT market.

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