Unveiling the Dynamic Mind of a Marketer with Menna Shoman


Are you ready to delve into the fascinating world of a marketer with a twist? Menna, our featured guest today, is not your typical marketer. She’s a marketer with a profound understanding of human behavior and psychology. Join us in this engaging conversation as we explore her unique journey, her insights into the marketing realm, and her vision for the future.

Menna’s Diverse Background

Menna’s journey in the world of marketing began with an unexpected twist. Originally an economics enthusiast, she soon found herself pondering the practical application of economics in her career. This led her to a pivotal moment where she discovered her true passion—marketing. Her journey began with Procter & Gamble when she was just 20 years old, where she spent an impressive 13 years working on various brands across different countries.

In her quest to comprehend why people make the choices they do, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led her to study psychology and neuroscience at King’s College London. This unique combination of skills—marketing and psychology—would later define her career in unparalleled ways.

To add another layer to her multifaceted career, Menna became a certified hypnotherapist and meditation coach. Her dual career as a marketer and psychologist allows her to explore the intricacies of consumer behavior and connect with people on a deeper level. Today, she serves as a mentor and contributes her expertise to organizations like GLEAC.

The Superpower of Emotion

One intriguing aspect of our conversation with Menna was her response to the classic superhero question: “If you could have any superpower for one day, what would it be?” Her answer was both insightful and reflective of her unique perspective.

Menna wished for the superpower to read people’s emotions. Not their thoughts, but their emotions. This choice underscores the pivotal role emotions play in both marketing and psychology. Understanding people’s emotions is key to delivering products and services that resonate with them. It’s about creating genuine connections and fulfilling their needs and desires.

As a marketeer, she believes that appealing to emotions is essential for building brand loyalty. It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about making customers feel understood and valued. By reading emotions, she would be better equipped to craft marketing campaigns that truly resonate with people.

Innovative Marketing in the Wild Wild West

Our conversation took an adventurous turn when we explored unconventional marketing strategies. We asked Menna what strategies she would employ if she were a marketeer in the Wild Wild West, a time and place of uncharted territories and limitless possibilities.

Menna’s response was both clever and grounded in marketing wisdom. She emphasized the importance of not losing sight of the fundamentals while embracing innovation. In the rush to create attention-grabbing campaigns, marketers must ensure that the core elements of their business remain strong.

She shared an example from her early career, where she was eager to innovate a well-established product. Her mentor wisely advised her not to discard the past entirely. Instead, she learned the importance of building upon the brand’s history and legacy. This lesson underscores the need to balance innovation with respect for the foundations that brought success.

Additionally, Menna highlighted the power of word-of-mouth recommendations, especially among women. Leveraging user experiences and encouraging genuine recommendations can create a substantial impact on a brand’s reputation and loyalty. This “Women to Women” recommendation strategy taps into the authenticity of peer endorsements, fostering trust and building a loyal customer base.

Common Marketing Mistakes and Sage Advice

Drawing from her 16 years of marketing experience, Menna shared two common mistakes businesses make in their marketing efforts.

The first mistake is neglecting the fundamentals. Marketers often chase innovation and exciting campaigns while ignoring the essential elements that keep their business running smoothly. Menna emphasized the importance of maintaining the basics, such as pricing, distribution, and awareness, to prevent what she called “leaky buckets.” Without a strong foundation, even the most creative campaigns may falter.

The second mistake involves overlooking the power of user experiences and word-of-mouth recommendations. While influencers and celebrities can influence a brand, Menna believes that genuine recommendations from real consumers, especially women, hold tremendous sway. Building a culture of trust and authentic communication can amplify the impact of marketing efforts.

Guiding Businesses in the Age of Evolving Technologies

As a mentor and marketeer, Menna is acutely aware of the challenges and opportunities presented by evolving technologies. Her advice to businesses is twofold:

  1. Invest in Employee Development: Companies should invest in their employees’ learning and growth. This includes offering training programs, encouraging continuous education, and supporting their personal and professional development. Menna believes that nurturing employees’ skills and knowledge not only benefits the individuals but also enhances the company’s overall performance.
  2. Foster a Culture of Innovation: Menna places great importance on creating a corporate culture that encourages experimentation and innovation. Businesses should provide a stress-free environment where employees feel safe to propose ideas and even make mistakes. This culture of experimentation can lead to groundbreaking discoveries and significant advancements in marketing strategies.

Menna’s wisdom reminds us that successful marketing is not just about selling products; it’s about forging authentic connections, understanding emotions, and fostering trust. In an age of rapid change, these principles remain timeless.

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