Time Capsuling Human Wisdom and Ingenuity Through NFT Blockchain

Many watched as we tokenized our Industry Expert Network scratching their heads last quarter 2022 puzzled. At every event I attended, the MD from one of the top consulting forms would approach me and...

Why Governments Should Collaborate with External Experts

Governments around the world are facing a huge number of problems. From climate change and pollution to terrorism and cybersecurity, it's never been more important for governments to be innovative. But in many cases,...

Navigating Friction: Leadership in Hard Times

Leading a team during challenging times can be overwhelming, but it is also an excellent opportunity to showcase your strong leadership skills. Whether you are dealing with a crisis, a significant change, or an...

Developing Leadership Skills in Times of Constraints: 5 Practical Tips

In the world of leadership, having the freedom to make decisions and take action is often considered a crucial factor. However, constraints can also serve as a valuable tool for developing leadership skills. In...

The Future of Leadership: How AI Will Change the Game?

In this article, we'll explore how AI will impact leadership and what skills will be essential for success in the future + useful tips. Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the way we live...

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