In the ever-evolving landscape of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, the representation of women remains a critical issue. However, amidst the challenges lie opportunities for empowerment, growth, and success. In this blog post, we delve into a conversation with 2 inspiring women, who are at the forefront of initiatives aimed at upskilling women and closing the gender gap in STEM careers.

Andrea Prazakova, a Senior Vice President at Mastercard Foundry & ESG EEMEA. She is also an ESG, WEB3, Customer Experience, Space, AI & Gaming Evangelist, Podcast host, Angel Investor, Mother, and Chef.

Cara Wilson, represents the FTW Foundation, which empowers financially-challenged Filipino women, to up-skill in the tech sector.

Identifying Challenges and Solutions

As the dialogue unfolds, the panelists shed light on the common hurdles faced by women venturing into STEM. Self-confidence emerges as a significant barrier, with many women hesitating to pursue opportunities unless they feel fully prepared. However, both Andrea and Cara stress the importance of believing in oneself and cultivating a mindset of continuous learning and growth.

Cara emphasizes the transformative power of belief in oneself, drawing parallels to a horse tethered by an imaginary obstacle. Overcoming this obstacle requires not only self-assurance but also the support of a nurturing community. The FTW Foundation exemplifies this by providing women with the resources, mentorship, and encouragement needed to embark on their STEM journeys.

More about FTW Foundation –,

Essential Skills and Knowledge for Success

Navigating the complexities of STEM fields necessitates a diverse skill set. Andrea and Cara outline key competencies essential for success, ranging from technical proficiency to effective communication and leadership skills. They underscore the importance of staying abreast of industry trends and leveraging opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Andrea elaborates on initiatives such as Mastercard’s “Girls4Tech”, which aims to inspire young girls to pursue STEM careers. She emphasizes the need for women to embrace curiosity and lifelong learning, traits that fuel innovation and adaptation in rapidly evolving industries.

Fostering Networking and Collaboration

A recurring theme throughout the conversation is the significance of networking and collaboration. Building meaningful relationships within the STEM community not only expands opportunities but also fosters a supportive ecosystem where women can thrive. Katherine encourages readers to connect with the panelists on LinkedIn, leveraging their expertise and experience to navigate their own STEM journeys.

Empowering women in STEM is not merely a matter of addressing disparities but unlocking the full potential of individuals and industries alike. By embracing opportunities for growth, fostering supportive communities, and championing diversity, we pave the way for a more inclusive and innovative future.

Watch the whole interview here 👇🏾 and stay tuned for more exciting conversations!

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