Corporate Sustainability with Colette and Babita


Welcome to an enlightening discussion with two remarkable individuals, Colette and Babita. Both hail from different backgrounds, but their shared passion for sustainability and corporate innovation unites them in a thought-provoking conversation. Joining us from New York City and Trinidad and Tabago, respectively, they share their experiences and insights on how startups and corporates can embark on a sustainable journey.

Colette: Pioneering Change in Food Education

Colette, a food strategist with a background in corporate banking, has spent 20 years in corporate roles before venturing into her own businesses. Her entrepreneurial journey led her to create Global Food Warrior, an organization dedicated to addressing hunger and nutrition issues among school children. Colette highlights the agility of startups and their capacity to swiftly adapt and pivot in response to market needs. She emphasizes the importance of embracing creativity, empowering employees, and fostering a culture of care. Colette’s perspective sheds light on how small businesses can drive impactful change in sustainability.

Babita: Innovating for a Greener World

Babita, with a strong engineering background, showcases the unique creativity that startups bring to the table. She mentions the freedom from bureaucratic constraints, allowing startups to explore unconventional solutions. Babita discusses the exemplary work of startups dedicated to addressing global environmental issues, such as cleaning up plastic from the oceans. She advocates for creating spaces within corporates where employees can engage in problem-solving and creativity, much like startups. Babita’s insights illustrate how startups can be catalysts for transformative change, even within corporate settings.

Challenges Corporates Encounter on the Path to Sustainability

Both Colette and Babita recognize the challenges corporates face when striving for sustainability. They acknowledge the need for bureaucracy and adherence to legal frameworks but also highlight the stifling impact this can have on creativity. Corporates often focus on profit as their primary goal, which may lead to a conflict of interest when pursuing sustainability initiatives. Additionally, the hierarchical structure and rigid roles within corporates can limit the flow of innovative ideas.

Implementing a Startup Mindset in Corporates

The conversation then delves into how corporates can adopt a startup mindset to enhance their sustainability efforts. Colette suggests that corporates should emphasize the importance of learning and growth among their employees. She recommends daily huddles to set the tone, create cohesion, and ensure everyone understands the larger vision. Colette underscores that fostering a culture of care and empowering employees can yield significant results.

Babita echoes Colette’s sentiment and emphasizes the importance of brainstorming and creativity. She highlights that while corporates need structure and processes, they can benefit from creating spaces for employees to think freely and engage in collaborative problem-solving. Additionally, allocating time for employees to explore ideas and think creatively can lead to innovative solutions.

As we conclude this insightful discussion with Colette and Babita, we’ve gained valuable insights into how startups and corporates can drive sustainability and innovation. Their experiences underscore the significance of empowering employees, embracing creativity, and fostering a culture of care. Colette and Babita’s stories exemplify how sustainability can thrive in both startup and corporate environments.

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