Who listens to you?


Who listens to you? This guest post was written by Terri Lonowski, a member of our Mentor Community. Terri is Founder of Soulful Listening™, earned a M.Ed. in Educational Psychology from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. She serves as a chair of the American Counseling Association Foundation, representing over 50,000 professional counselors nationwide; and leading nationwide human centered design teams, not once but twice, to showcase Workforce Innovations at The White House.

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People are dying, EVERY DAY!  Underneath it all, we are NOT feeling heard, even though we’re hardwired to thrive when we feel seen and heard and supported by others. Period!  

My recent TEDx Talk:  Nobody’s Listening & It’s Killing Us proposes a simple solution to this gigantic problem called Soulful Listening™.   Five easily repeatable elements offer a roadmap to listening in a way that leaves others feeling heard – deeply.  In fact, one Soulful Listening™ conversation has the power to change the trajectory of a person’s life (and the world) forever.

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It’s time for a better way!

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