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Entrepreneur In Residence Program in an alliance between seasoned entrepreneurs and GLEAC, fostering a collaborative ecosystem where wisdom is shared and innovation flourishes.

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Meet our Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Hailey Yoon

Co-founder & CTO at IO21, United Arab Emirates

Hailey is a co-founder and CTO at IO21. In her role, she supports the software development of leading UAE and international companies. Hailey is one of 50 technology leaders in the middle East by Engati and Google’s Women Tech Founders MENA 2021; her startup IO21 has been selected as 101 top Arab world startups for website development. Hailey holds a Bachelor of Science - Honors Degree in Computer Science from UNC-Chapel Hill, was awarded the Leadership & Innovation for Technology Professionals.

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Khalifa Manaa

Startup Mentor, Next Level, United Arab Emirates

Khalifa is an EIR at Gleac, in charge of AI in the workplace and AI trainings. He's a passionate product expert with 13 years of experience in building magical digital experiences. When he's not helping Gleacs partners leverage the power of AI, he spends his time running, a fast growing AI consulting and implementation company.

Got questions? We’ve got you covered.

Our Founder thrives on collaborating with entrepreneurial individuals and has transformed the concept of Google's 20% policy into Founders spending around 20% of their time at Gleac as Entrepreneurs in Residence. This fosters innovation and drives Gleac's growth.With over a decade of experience training and mentoring startup founders, our Founder brings valuable knowledge to the table. Despite her full-time commitment to scaling Gleac, she values having around Gleac exceptional founders working on interesting problems, fostering collaboration, learning, problem-solving, and innovation.Having served as the former Curator of Culture at Careem, the first unicorn in the ME region, our Founder understands the challenges of growing and scaling a startup. She is passionate about sharing her wisdom and helping others benefit from her experiences.

1. Trustworthy and pleasant: Be a kind, decent, and trustworthy individual whom we can confidently associate with our brand and community.

2. Alignment with Gleac's values: Highlight how your work and aspirations align with Gleac's core values of innovation, collaboration, and positive impact.

3. Brilliance and expertise: Showcase your brilliance and expertise in your field, emphasizing your achievements, track record, and unique perspectives that can enrich the Gleac community. Let your work shine like a masterpiece.

4. Relevance to Gleac's mission: Explain how your project or idea complements Gleac's mission, showcasing the potential value it can bring to our community and contribute to business growth.

5. Value proposition: Clearly articulate the specific value you can offer to the Gleac community and their businesses. Emphasize how your participation as an EIR can bring tangible benefits, such as knowledge sharing, mentorship, or collaborative opportunities.

Our inaugural EIR achieved an impressive milestone, securing over $100k in business on the first day of the program, thanks to our mentor community's support.At Gleac, we have a structured approach that includes facilitating monthly introductions and conducting quarterly marketing campaigns to promote our product offerings throughout our community.

You will be treated as an in-house channel partner, maximizing collaboration and opportunities. We are fully committed to your business growth, dedicating ourselves to your success. As an EIR, you become an integral part of our internal communications. This grants you access to our esteemed C-suite leaders, involvement in our processes, participation in internal stand-ups and meetings, and access to valuable resources. In short, we provide you with all the necessary tools and support to effectively run your business and lead your teams.

Yes. It is a requirement.

1. Access to targeted campaigns to our mentor community,unlocking business opportunities for their products or services as a channel partner.

2. Warm introductions to our network of investors, facilitating potential funding opportunities.

3. Access to internal teams and leadership at Gleac for personalized business coaching, operational guidance, strategic insights, marketing and sales support, and more.

4. Networking opportunities with our customer base through product bundling initiatives, expanding their reach and customer acquisition potential.

5. Validation and credibility.

These benefits collectively create a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs, fostering their development, expanding their networks, and increasing the likelihood of success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

20 hours a month in an official role, with compensation, based on your strengths co-overseeing a team within Gleac aligned to your day-to-day business.

No. However, upon completion of the two-year in-residence program, if Gleac has contributed more than 25% of your revenues during that period, we have the option (but not the obligation) to acquire 10% of your company through a stock swap, in which you would receive in exchange ___% of Gleac's stock. As part of our agreement, we do require you to set aside 10% of your revenues, up to a maximum of $100k for yourESOP type exercise to vest for you to become an equity shareholder at Gleac. This contribution would follow very favorable terms, conditions, and valuation. This ensures that you have a personal stake and remain aligned with the ongoing success of Gleac and the mentor community from which you will benefit. You will have a two-year timeframe to fulfill these requirements which is wholly dependent on company income earned while in residence

We allocate sufficient time to carefully select candidates for our program, as we prioritize ensuring a successful andmutually beneficial partnership. However, we understand that unexpected circumstances can arise, and sometimes things may not go as planned. In such situations, we are committed to handling any necessary exits with dignity and respect. We believe in supporting individuals throughout their journey, even if it means facilitating a departure from our program. Our approach emphasizes maintaining positive relationships and upholding the integrity of all parties involved.

The ideal founder is characterized by curiosity, continuously seeking knowledge, and staying updated on industry trends. Ambition drives them to think big and set ambitious targets. They possess a strong work ethic, dedicating the necessary time and effort to achieve their goals. Grit defines their resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles.Additionally, the ideal founder is making a positive social impact while achieving financial success and scaling their businesses. They actively avoid unnecessary drama and conflicts, prioritizing a positive and productive work environment with open communication, constructive collaboration, and solutions-oriented approaches.