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Amna Javed

Product Manager, Professional Mentor

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Amna is a dynamic pro at design, tech, and partnerships, leading Kamayi's digital efforts, streamlining SME hiring in Pakistan. She is skilled in building successful service orgs, she drives strategy, ops, and growth. Passionate about empowering marginalized groups, esp. women, integrating them into Pakistan's development. With 7 yrs exp incl. work on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, she offers innovation, cultural insight, and change management prowess, with a strategic, creative, entrepreneurial approach.

  • product
  • tech
  • design
  • hr
  • coaching
  • education
  • active
  • listening
  • conflict
  • resolution
  • persuasive
  • conversation
  • building
  • curiosity
  • diversity
  • inclusion
  • building
  • empathy
  • cognitive
  • ability
  • problem
  • solving
  • practicing
  • creativity
  • purposeful
  • leadership
  • communication
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