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Dr. Robert Bodily

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Metaverse | Toniqlabs | PhD Educational Tech, Bob Bodily, United States

“Bob” is the Co-Founder & CEO of Toniqlabs, an NFT marketplace/Internet Computer Blockchain launchpad. He holds PhD in Educational Technology and built a successful career as a data scientist. When Bob is not running Toniq Labs, he is researching open assessment platforms, learning analytics, data mining and educational dashboards. He has a special love for Ethereum (ETH) & Dfinity’s ‘Internet Computer’, and also gives insights on topics and discussions surrounding #IC, NFTs, Web3 & DAOs.


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Invest in yourself now for exponential returns in the future!

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Dr. Bob Bodily, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Toniq and Entrepot, on DECENTRAFIVE | hosted by Jason Dukes

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“Invest in yourself now for exponential returns in the future!”

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