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Gayatree Dipchan

Psychologist and Behaviour Consultant

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Gayatree Dipchan, GMBPsS, LLM, PNLP, is a psychologist specializing in Adverse Childhood Experiences and Transgenerational Trauma. She consults on projects across the Caribbean, enhancing leadership and emotional intelligence in the corporate sector. Additionally, she's co-authoring "How to Survive and Thrive #2" and collaborates on a research project examining Caribbean leadership styles, focusing on historical and cultural impacts on leadership.

  • health
  • wellness
  • hospitality
  • purposeful
  • leadership
  • active
  • listening
  • storytelling
  • building
  • empathy
  • cognitive
  • ability
  • presenting
  • change
  • management
  • self
  • direction
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