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Gillian Rhodes

Performer and Storyteller

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Gillian is an interdisciplinary artist with over 11 years of diverse experience across multiple cultures. A performer, storyteller, and mentor, she has graced stages in over 20 cities worldwide. Gillian blends science and humanities to explore and express transnational human experiences. Her work as a model, writer, mime, and speaker is deeply rooted in cross-cultural respect, striving to reveal universal truths through artistic expression.

  • c-suites
  • consultants
  • government/ngos
  • active
  • listening
  • storytelling
  • public
  • speaking
  • teamwork
  • building
  • curiosity
  • global
  • outlook
  • problem
  • solving
  • practicing
  • creativity
  • purposeful
  • leadership
  • presenting
  • building
  • empathy
  • leadership
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