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Sofie Mitschke

Freelance Consultant

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Sofie is a consultant specializing in Social Impact, Systems Innovation, Sustainability, and International Development. Formerly leading the Innovation portfolio at Dubai Cares and the Content Lead for Innovation in Education during Expo2020 Dubai, she has extensive experience in strategic partnerships and planning. Her prior roles include Head of Programmes at Radicle and Program Manager at Impact Hub Dubai. Sofie holds a Master's in International Development from Roskilde University and is fluent in English and Danish.

  • hr
  • coaching
  • education
  • active
  • listening
  • storytelling
  • conflict
  • resolution
  • persuasive
  • conversation
  • building
  • curiosity
  • building
  • empathy
  • cognitive
  • ability
  • problem
  • solving
  • practicing
  • creativity
  • purposeful
  • leadership
  • influencing
  • people
  • public
  • speaking
  • leadership
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