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Suchismita Burman

Founder BeInspired Advisors | Certified Life Coach| Certified Organization Development Coach | Entrepreneur

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Suchismita Burman is an experienced professional with over 24 years in Consulting, HR, and talent advisory across sectors. She has extensive experience working with C-level executives globally and leading change management and people transformation projects. As a coach, she focuses on building capabilities and exploring human potential. An entrepreneur at heart, Suchismita strives for impactful, authentic results, emphasizing pragmatic decisions and long-term value. She specializes in MBTI and practices minimalist principles.

  • hr
  • coaching
  • education
  • active
  • listening
  • teamwork
  • storytelling
  • conflict
  • resolution
  • problem
  • solving
  • building
  • empathy
  • purposeful
  • leadership
  • influencing
  • people
  • practicing
  • mindfulness
  • communication
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