“My job is creating a new layer of the internet.”


My job is creating a new layer of the internet. Any individual who keeps evolving and doesn’t lose sight of his passion is an inspiration. John Ounjian is one such individual! Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Disruptive Knowledge, John studied finance and then pursued his passion for technology. Eventually, he started working in blockchain which combined his knowledge of finance and passion for technology.

GLEAC has partnered with this powerhouse of intellect for Lovely Humans. As part of this one-of-its-kind project, GLEAC will be minting John’s time as an NFT! What does that mean? You will be able to bid for 5 hours of John’s time that you can use over the period of a year. John is a prestigious member of the #GLEACMentorCommunity and he talks passionately about blockchain and crypto among other things.

In a chat with GLEAC, John spoke about being able to help a good project secure funding owing to his vast network. Take a look! 

GLEAC: What, according to you, makes GLEAC’s metaverse project unique?

John: It’s unique because it’s consolidating mentorship. If I want to understand something, I can talk to someone who is an expert in their field. Also, you’re crossing borders. The metaverse is not restricted by geographical borders. We, as people, can buy anything we want, but we cannot buy time! This project allows you to buy time. It’s making the impossible, possible. 

GLEAC: How do you think your NFT buyer will benefit from minting time with you?

John: There are several ways to tackle anything, but there’s always a ‘best practice’ way so that you don’t get destroyed head-on. I come from an academic background when it comes to the metaverse, it’s not like I’m experimenting with it. I can also help you create use cases as that’s what my company does. Also, I’m linked to many venture capitals. So if there’s a project I like, it’s easier for me to take it to people who would fund it. 

GLEAC: Why is it important to adopt Web3 tools?

John: Blockchain is a leading-edge technology and it’s still in its experimental phase. Adopting it right now will automatically make you a pioneer because there are not many people in this space as of now. 

GLEAC: Which projects would you like to work on if you were to co-create something with your NFT buyer?

John: I’m mostly into infrastructure, So if you want to build something that is disruptive, I’m your guy. I’m also interested in anything that’s consumer-focused on a business-to-business level. 

GLEAC: Which past decision of yours are you grateful for?

John: This might sound cliche, but I’m extremely thankful for my parents and the motivation they have always provided me with, which has never allowed me to stagnate. I started out in finance and then moved towards IT, AI, and eventually blockchain. 

GLEAC: What are you doing at present that your future version will thank you for?

John: For the last 2 years, I’m working on an infrastructural level. I’m targeting a parallel world when it comes to money generation. Blockchain allows us the kind of freedom with our finances that bank accounts and debit cards don’t. If I’m able to help people make this transition to blockchain, I’m sure my future version would be proud of me!

GLEAC: What is your superpower soft skill?

John: I would say adaptability. The technology I’m working on is constantly changing. Being adaptable and finding new solutions is always an in-demand skill. Another soft skill I’m proud of is my ability to think outside the box. Because we’re working with money, the whole field is based on incentives. You have to learn what’s working in the traditional financial world and innovate it in a way that people would adopt the same services in the new world. Ethics are just as important. I’ve been working on this technology since 2011 and I’ve had my fair share of opportunities to take advantage of it and scam people. But it’s my strong ethics that have stopped me from doing so.

GLEAC: Which hard skills v/s soft skills are needed for your job?

John: One of the most relevant hard skills is someone who understands the financial world. Money generation is already happening in the traditional financial world, but it is a closed ecosystem. Not many understand how things function. That is why financial know-how is a key asset. Encryption and understanding how Crypto works is an added bonus. I’ve explained the soft skills needed in my previous answer.

GLEAC: If you had to explain your job to a 5-year-old, how would you do it?

John: My job is creating a new layer of the internet. If the kid played games over the internet, I would draw an analogy there. If he read books over the internet, I would try to draw parallels between my job and hs love for reading. I teach blockchain to lawyers, data scientists, doctors, and others belonging to various sectors. I customize my explanation of blockchain depending on who I’m talking to. 

GLEAC: What is the one learning of your professional journey you’d like to share with the world?

John: Never take anything for granted. I studied accounting and finance, which is why I worked in investment banking. But because I had a passion for technology, I taught myself about machine learning. This was all before I decided I wanted to make a career in blockchain. Eventually, I did my Masters in blockchain. Never take anything you do for granted. You never know which decision of yours will lead you down the path meant for you. 

GLEAC: Every career has its pros and cons. What are the good and bad aspects of your career?

John: Pros- At this point, many high-level people are looking to get involved in Crypto and Blockchain, so it gives you a chance to directly interact with and work with them. Cons- This sector also has a lot of people who are bluffing and trying to scam others. 

John Ounjian is part of our ‘Lovely Humans’ NFT drop happening on the 15th of October 2022! We give you access to 5 hours of his time through this this one-of-a-kind NFT.

For more awesome content from our other mentors check out our blog (www.gleac.com/blog). Visit at our website (www.gleac.com) and also for our NFTs head on over to Lovely Humans (www.lovelyhumans.io) to learn more!

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